Az Evolution Consulting Kft. is one of Europe's top 10 HR technology solution providers, as recognized by the 2019 HRtech Outlook magazine - for the second time!

A The HR Tech Outlook magazine selected Evolution Consulting Ltd. as one of Europe’s top 10 HR technology service providers in both 2018 and 2019!


2018 – HR Tech Outlook magazine named Evolution Consulting Ltd. as one of the top 10 European HR technology service providers.

Comprehensive solution for all HR activities!

The constant changes in the labor market and the challenges of talent acquisition and retention in the HR field pose significant hurdles for companies. Consequently, improving employee working conditions and facilitating HR administration have become primary objectives. In response to these changes, Evolution Consulting Ltd. has developed a comprehensive HR software solution – hrMaster. This complex HR management software can provide solutions for small businesses with 30-50 employees as well as international companies with thousands of employees, thanks to the scalability, modularity, and flexibility of the software.

hrMaster is a fully integrated software consisting of 14 modules. The system is built on a data center capable of storing all employee data and supporting data transfer between recruitment, employee, and exit processes. The electronic storage of documents and search capabilities are also possible within the document management module.

The software allows for the management of time and holiday records, as well as training activities. Certain modules of HRmaster are linked to the performance evaluation module, covering both leader-employee and 360-degree evaluations involving various groups.

The evaluation processes are approached by the company on a project basis. Feedback can be given at any frequency according to the needs of the companies: there is an option for short but frequent feedback as well as more complex but less frequent reviews.

The recruitment-selection module provides a unique, customizable career page for clients, fully integrable into their own websites. This allows clients to easily manage the entire selection process with a unique procedure. This is what sets hrMaster apart from other HR solutions, and the data required during registration can be distinguished by position.

With the time tracking module, clients can monitor daily tasks, which can be assigned to larger projects. The structure of construction and cost centers can be linked to assist in creating organizational structures.

The integrated approach is reflected in the system’s rights management. This allows users to precisely determine which functions can be applied to a specific employee group at the level of user groups.

The HRmaster’s specialized reporting function facilitates the creation of custom reports.

The goal of HRmaster is to support all HR processes that ensure stable and consistent operations across various areas, without the use of separate applications. This is a significant advantage compared to software that primarily focuses on subcategories. As the initial steps of the implementation process, Evolution Consulting Ltd. assesses the HR processes and expectations used by clients. Based on this, after system training, the software can be put into practical operation, applying more efficient HR processes.

“We place great emphasis on facilitating the introduction of the system and providing support so that every client can start using the system as quickly as possible and receive the necessary assistance during operation,” – Dr. Csaba Mester, CEO.

HRmaster has achieved breakthroughs in many small businesses compared to previous Excel-based records, as the software supports employees’ participation in HR processes through a self-service model. The software is modular, allowing clients to use selected services as needed.

“The operation process is continuously improved based on feedback from our clients, developing every aspect while applying a customer-centric approach to ensure client satisfaction,” says the CEO.

As part of the continuous functional expansion of the system, the company regularly integrates new features into existing modules. The focus remains on a diverse approach to ensure that hrMaster provides a comprehensive solution for both SMEs and large enterprises.

The system is available in multiple languages, as one of the goals is to make the software accessible to anyone.

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