Schedule planner

Variable working time schedules can be made with the Schedule planner module. The Schedule planner is suitable for user-friendly design while observing compliance with the statutory working hours and rest times as well as warnings in case of “violations”.


Operate easily with the hrMaster schedule planning system, on a monthly or on a time frame basis settlement, or even the combination of both.

Save time by using pre-generated schedule maps for quick and efficient schedule planning.

The system also supports work time frame management. The design is done in a process that allows the user to apply lawlike settings without explicit legal knowledge.


Keep track of your employees’ working hours, breaks, and overtime, even if you apply non-standard work schedules at your company.

Never have to be worried about the administrative fines anymore!
The software guarantees compliance with the latest legal regulations.
Create schedules even manually or automatically, in a fast and easy way without errors.

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