The iMaster Corporate Governance System


Customer management

Professional solution for managing customer registration and supporting tasks.

Employee register

Collecting personal information in one place, transparently. Historical recording of payments.

Transport organization

Optimization and automated task management for automotive operators.


Well-structured editing interface, easy to compile questionnaires. Anonymous filling options.

Warehousing, logistics

IT background for managing the company’s inventory and logistical tasks of warehousing.

Project management

Keep track of your projects            and track their implementation processes.

Document management

Online folder system, accessible any time. Unlimited document storage in any format.

Finance and accounting

Facilitate accounting tasks with automated processes and minimizing document recording.

Decision support

Continuous monitoring, finding errors. Comparison and detailed compilation of results.

Distance and group work

Common document library, real-time and asynchronous information exchange.

Webshop, web portal

Customized website creation,    which can be easily edited by your colleagues.

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High degree of data encryption

Database-level encryption ensures that only the right people can see the confidential data. Even keep it hidden from the eyes of the operating IT practitioners!

Can be implemented as a web application without investment

It can also be used as a service in a monthly construction, providing the same security and convenience level as a standard system implementation.


Endless expandability

Due to the modularity of the software, the system can be supplemented with additional modules or new users.

Creating customized customer versions

Although the iMaster software can be implemented as an off the shelf solution, the system can be highly parameterized and customized to meet your individual needs.

Automatic installation of updates and fixes

The complication and time wasting on on-premise software updates are over! The IMaster Core installs the latest version, fixes, and more, remotely without interfering.

Extremely sophisticated user right management

Through this, the access to the system functions (not just on module level!) can be controlled precisely.

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