Employee communication platform

Do you want an effective communication platform to communicate with your collagues?

Do you have problems to keep your employees informed?

Do you need a new and modern platform instead of the company notice board?

Do you need a communication channel where you can share text, picture or video with your employees?

Are you searching for a surface which looks alike the Facebook and you could use for communication in your company?

The hrMaster employee communication platform ensures the interactive communication between the employer and the employees. The operation of the internal news feed is similar like the operation of any social media platform. the methot of the usage can be selected by parameterization of the user rights: it can be used for one-way communication (as an electric notice board) by the leadership, buti t can be used for two-way communication too, if the employees receive right to post and to comment.

The surface is available ont he start page of the system, the employee meets with the news feed immediately after the login. The operation is the same like any social media platform’s, so every employee will be familiar with it. Always the newest posts will be displayed on the top of the news feed, but it is also possible to search for the posts by content. Visual content can be displayed beside the texts too, the employees can post pictures and/or videos sas well.

Many exciting opportunities can be received by the usage of the platform:

Posting of different contents
Comments and likes
E-mail notification about the new posts
Creation of events with the possibility to apply to them
Every operation can be adjusted by rights (enable /deniable)
Creation of groups and communication between the group members
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