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Since the establishment of our company in 2007, we have been organizing trainings. In recent years, we have been working with a number of large and medium-sized companies in a wide range of training areas, with the unanimous satisfaction of our partners.

The Evolution Consulting Ltd. is registered with the E-000654/2014 in the official register of training companies.


Nowadays, one of the greatest retaining forces in the world of work is continuous training and education. As we know today keeping is the new recruitment!

Here's a short list of what we offer to help you:
  • negotiation techniques,
  • sales and customer service,
  • presentation technniques,
  • time management,
  • stress and conflict management,
  • team building,
  • project management,
  • problem-solving,
  • renewal and paradigm shifting,
  • specific leadership skills development,
  • behavioral typology,
  • etc



In selecting the methods, the main consideration is always to select the most effective and most sophisticated solution so that the colleagues concerned can achieve the greatest progress within the time available. To do this we use the following methods:

Customized situations

The most goal-oriented training method has been proven to be the use of company-built simulations based on our previous practice. In order to write and gather the necessary information, a preliminary on-the-job survey and interview section precedes the training. During this process, the trainer gains insights into everyday work and challenges and becomes capable of writing life-like situations.

Using these, the colleagues can try out the learned techniques in real-world situations, so the training can be fully customized and practical.

On-the-job development / coaching

To deepen and personalize the knowledge elements acquired through training. It’s not a simple thing to use the heard/seen practices individually in real life, so in this, the one-to-one development helps the participants a lot. Everyone is struggling with different problems, so it is hard to find a solution suitable for everyone during a group training.

During the time spent with the coach, you will be able to process your personal difficulties, possibly focusing on topics not relevant to the training but relevant to the participant.

Basic training tasks

The knowledge and skills used during work are based on a well-rounded theoretical background. During the training days, participants can learn the knowledge elements that are to be deepened during coaching and self-development, which are recognized during interactive and entertaining tasks. For each technique, we have developed funny, but obedient exercises that make tracking and memorizing the method for the participant as well as avoiding dry processing of material parts.

Action learning

The action learning group consists of 6-8 people and a facilitator who meet for half a day or a day for a predetermined time (e.g. half a year) and a frequency (e.g. once a month).

Each group member brings a startup or running company project or problem to the AT group for which he or she is responsible.

The purpose of the process is that the group and the AT facilitator can support the participants maximally in the following:

Finding the solution to the problem they brought and making the project realization as effective as possible;

The leader of the certain project must learn the most from their leadership style, cooperative and conflict management patterns, and communication and decision-making mechanisms;

how the group should reconcile conflicting interests and intentions;

through the cases processed in the AL group, get the most out of all the information and knowledge accumulated in the organization.

Participants are placed in the role of the project leader in turns while others work as coaches. The AT facilitator ensures that all project leaders receive sufficient support to achieve the goal they are pursuing and will do their utmost to maximize learning at the individual (self-knowledge), group, and corporate levels.

Simulation systems

For some trainings, the use of simulation systems developed with IT tools and training is an effective framework and gives realistic background. These solutions support small or individual job solutions and provide a more realistic and exciting way to master project management, leadership, or other specialized skills. Complex viewpoints, systems, organizational functions can be learned in this way, supplemented with traditional trainer support, the training efficiency can be significantly increased. If required, these solutions can be company customized.


In all cases, the training is followed by written and oral feedback to the clients, which draws conclusions, summarizes the results and formulates further goals and suggestions.

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